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When I needed a laptop for my website development work, I approached Aid For Aspergers to see if they could help me obtain one.

Not only did they help me to get my own laptop, but they actually agreed to pay more for the laptop than I had asked for, meaning I was able to get a more suitable laptop for my work.

I am grateful to their unexpected generosity and their help.


Beth image

I’m a 28 year old girl with Aspergers. Due to an ongoing knee problem I found it very hard riding a normal bike and as a carer I do quite a lot of shopping. Julia from Aspie put me in touch with Aid For Aspergers who funded an electric bike for me. After moving house I finally got to ride the bike and found it so much easier on the knee and could ride it with no problems. I am very happy with the bike and grateful to Aid For Aspergers for providing it for me.


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Aid for Aspergers paid for Catherine’s train travel expenses.

“Aid For Aspergers provided me with a grant for a 6 month season rail ticket which was a great help for travelling to my new apprenticeship.”


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Aid For Aspergers helped pay for Justin’s driving lessons.

“A few years ago I was tutored by two different driving instructors but reached a point where I wasn’t making any progress and I couldn’t afford to keep paying for lessons every week.

Part of Asperger’s made it difficult to process everything that is happening at any one time which is obviously crucial to being able to drive safely. Aid For Aspergers paid for me to have an instructor who knows how to work with people on the Autistic spectrum and successfully guided me through to passing my practical test on the second attempt.

I am very grateful to Aid For Aspergers for helping me to get my driving licence as it’s a lifelong investment which gives me more independence and a wider choice of employment opportunities by being able to get to workplaces inaccessible by public transport.”